The members own EntBanc Financial Services decide where, how and what we do for its members.

EntBanc Financial Services will start small and expand its services with savings and investments with plans to expand its service (to loans, equipment finance, education finance, insurance, medical plans, etc.) offering to members as the membership and capital base of the business grows.

The full range of financial products and services focused on the SME sector will be available to members, subject to supervision by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) or Co-operative Bank Development Agency (CBDA).


Ownership (via member shares) is limited to SME entrepreneurs and associates – giving members democratic control over the direction, service and product offering of a unique financial services entity.


EntBanc Financial Services only does business with its members. Our aim is to fill the gap to solve your frustrations related to the unique financial challenges entrepreneurs and SME businesses face every day – notably debtor, stock, equipment and other cash liquidity related issues.


Professionals find it difficult to access capital for their businesses operational and expansion needs, new businesses and other new projects. EntBanc Financial Services specifically aims to mobilise and provide capital for financial needs and projects – which are only made available to members.


Through its membership network, EntBanc Financial Services will attract exciting and lucrative investment opportunities in SME Industry facilities, services and projects – for you to invest your excess capital. Only members can invest in additional shares or debentures of EntBanc Financial Services or via EntBanc Financial Services into specific SME infrastructure projects. The aim is to benefit from passive income in the form of interest and dividends and capital growth in the form of share and asset appreciation opportunities.